Simple Tips for Scorpion Control in Your Home


Scorpions are the things of nightmares to most people — small, nocturnal predators with a venomous sting. In Arizona, scorpions are just a fact of life. First, scorpions are attracted to food and water sources, as well as daytime shelter. Keep your home clean, clutter free and quickly address leaks or damp areas. Make sure counters and floors are free of crumbs and food as to not attract a scorpion’s food sources, which are roaches, crickets and other insects.

Nocturnal creatures, scorpions hunt at night; therefore, light sources that attract insects will also attract scorpions seeking their midnight meal. Consider switching outdoor lighting from white to yellow bulbs, which draw fewer insects. If you live on the edge of the desert or in a newly developed community, you should be a bit more vigilant about the existence of scorpions. Don’t walk around the house with bare feet at night, and check your shoes before putting them on, as some scorpions are content to curl up in shoes for long periods of time. Second, scorpions can gain access to your home through very small spaces, in fact, through openings as small as a 1/16-inch crevice or crack. That is the width of a credit card. Thats why its important to contact¬†Pest Control Scorpions¬†if you notice scorpions in your house.

With that in mind, you should be extra diligent about keeping doors, windows and other entry areas weather-stripped and sealed tight. Don’t forget to seal or caulk the points where plumbing and cables connect from the outside of your structure. Third, manage the areas where scorpions shelter outside your home or structure, such as beneath rocks, flowerpots, wood chips and mulch piles. If you have a woodpile, keep it away from the house and consider moving it on occasion. Check wood logs for clinging scorpions before bringing them into the house. You should also regularly trim or clear away any brush or vegetation near structure walls, where scorpions love to hide. Don’t let standing water build up outside the home, as any water source is a major draw.


Finally, a few additional actions can help deter these venomous pests, including sprinkling cinnamon powder, a natural deterrent, in dark corners of your home and closets. Keep wet towels and clothing off the ground, especially around pools. Sprinkle borax under sinks and baseboards. A scorpion’s natural enemies are cats and chickens, or peacocks if you are feeling exotic, among other animals and spiders. If you have the space to keep a chicken coop, the birds will gladly gobble up your pest problems. The bonus is fresh eggs! Scorpions are extremely resilient and are here to stay, so it is just good sense to be persistent in your efforts to make your home less inviting to ensure the health and well being of your family, and to keep your desert dream from becoming a scorpion nightmare.